Digital Information Gateway – DIG®
is the industry's best solution for Federated Search and Information Sharing. DIG can securely connect information among any number of organizations and handles an extensive number of databases, intranet content, web sites, office documents, and other types of files.
The DIG Smart Client leads the service-based search engine technology by offering an easy, out of the box, solution for federated search with zero client installation.

Using the DIG Smart Client, organizations can:
  • Perform Federated Searches -- DIG Smart Client is a single point of access for multiple resources.
  • Maintain full control over access to their sources.
  • Search relational databases -- Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Sybase and more.
  • Search any platform (Windows, Unix, Linux) using a Web browser.
  • Search virtually any number of databases concurrently and quickly.
  • Search a wide variety of file formats -- from office documents to Web sites.
  • Query all of their sources (databases and other information sources) with a single search.
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Our Data Center is a distributed information service specializing in providing value added data. Our Data Center is powered by DIG servers and enables organizations to reference our sources of information in context with their own.

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